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Being kreaTive gives me freedom to be who I am, to share my vision, and serve others to express themselves creatively.

Making pictures became important to me at a young age, it is a part of me that shaped my growth as a person. Photography has taken me on unimaginable journeys into nooks and crannies of incredible life/lives, to places I didn't even know existed.
TV studios, movie sets, music video's, magazine stories, of Evangistic gatherings and confessions of an underground militant by candle light. Blessed with working with exceptional makeup artists and stylists while photographing gorgeous designs by talented artists. Getting into the grit of real life so it bites my toes as I walk with camera in hand through buddist temples, dusty warehouses, sparkly palaces, over sand dunes, on paved sculptures, sessions with sensational musicians, toothless smiles, and my personal fav - family living rooms. Photography for me is a language shared through trust, time, and inquistive honesty.

I have been a professional photographer, multimedia filmmaker and transmedia designer for the last 18 years. My work is about contribution to culture, community and humanity, utilising moving film, motion graphics, music, stills and includes music videos, transmedia campaigns as well as short, medium and feature length film.

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