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There are film makers and there are those who are pioneers, trend setters and visionaries who believe in fighting for and enabling a better and an equitable world.
SERENDIP is all of the above. We not only make films for clients who need to communicate their message but take the initative at our expense when a message needs to be communicated to an audience.
SERENDIP is not only the pioneers in development communication in Pakistan but our programmes and ethos has inspired generations of young film makers who have been trained and motivated to make a career and a living out of their SERENDIP experience and are now taking forward the company’s mission statement of MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
SERENDIP is not just about film making.
Equipped with all the latest technology in film production, at SERENDIP we offer clients solutions to their communication objectives. It could be a game material, puppets, an event, books or even our world famous mega ‘sound n light’ shows.
SERENDIP is first social enterprise that believes in justifiable profits to plough back into society to regenerate local economies, as such our corporate social responsibility programmes extend to over a dozen deserving charites that benefit from the free services and the SERENDIP ethos.
In short at SERENDIP we communicate, create, generate and motivate generations for clients (our most valuable partners and stake holders) who believe and share a common vision of……MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
Ms. Beg's determination to bring about social change through the media took her back to the United Kingdom where she pursued further training in television programme production. There, her programmes on health and awareness won four British Medical Association awards and her documentary on Imran Khan's Cancer Hospital, broadcast on BBC, moved the late Princess Diana to travel to Pakistan and actively campaign for Cancer Relief.
Ms. Beg has produced three 13 x 25 minutes television series on Asian affairs and culture and two 13 x 5 minutes series on health and social issues for the biggest British broadcaster, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees Television before returning to Pakistan to set up Serendip Productions.
In the last seven years, Huma Mustafa Beg has been the recipient of the Best Presenter Award on Pakistan Television, the Pakistan 2010 Award for excellence. She was invited by the United Nations, as one of the world's three hundred young entrepreneurs for the 7th Summit of Young Entrepreneurs in New York in September 2000.
Today the Serendip liberary boasts of hundreds of programmes on issues as diverse as maternal health to environment to violence against women.
Her passion for women's issues and mass education for developing countries coupled with a zeal for raising environment issues has led her to actively campaign for a separate Public Service Television. This is intended to be launched through a Non Governmental Organisation 'Raast' (translated as 'the right direction') which she has initiated and whose mandate is to provide a national network for visual resource material development for Pakistan and link them on line with their international counterparts.
In addition to being a filmmaker, Ms. Beg is Pakistan's first woman hot air balloonist, a skydiver, mountaineer, artist and broadcaster. She is widely traveled and speaks multiple languages.
Serendip Productions (Pvt.) Ltd.( in the last fifteen years has earned the distinction of being recognized as one of the leading Pakistan based production companies, both in terms of international quality and content. Based in the capital city of Islamabad Serendip's work ranges from documentaries, current affairs, dramas, light entertainment to educational, environment and development programmes.

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