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Born in Malaga in November of 1976, he studied graphic design, video editing and computer animation masters in Malaga and Valladolid. In 1999, he founded the first 3D animation school in Andalusia (Spain); “Radikal 3D Center”. Shortly afterwards, he founded the video production and animation company "Radikal Video Audio" and taught animation and digital postproduction there as well. In 2001, he began to cultivate an interest for digital photography and started to produce portraits and model books. In 2005, he worked at the studio "Faura Architecture" designing several 3D projects for hotels. In 2008, he became part of the team "Borvoleta Films", participating in two documentary films: "Litoral, light on the seashore and Anita Palmero". In 2009, he founded the production company “Subterranea Films”, filming spots for several television channels, music videos and documentaries.
Film Director, Photographer and Director of Photography.
He has now moved to Edinburgh, to perform major projects.

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