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My name is skip erickson... people call me... skip.
I've been in the Film and Video production field for over 19 years. I've been a DP/CamOp for 10 of those years. I've shot everything from TV adverts to feature films. I've shot on RED Digital, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, and Sony HD cameras. I shoot 1080/24 and 1080/60 utilizing prime lenses. Man, how I love Hi-Def with film lenses!!
Needless to say, my addiction is having a camera on my shoulder; seeing and capturing the world through a lens.
I also have over 25 years experience in music and audio production as a producer, recording engineer, singer-songwriter, composer and arranger.
Add to that...I'm also an award winning Producer, Copywriter, and Editor of over 10 years.

Now you're probably looking at the picture above this blurb thinking:
"This young punk's done all o' this?! How old is this Kat?!"
Honestly... no-one's guessed my age yet, which is perfect.
Like the phrase says: "You're as old as you feel..." and I still feel young!!

That said... I wanted to learn as much as I could about the entertainment field so that when the time came to start my own company, I'd be prepared to run it with extreme experience, knowledge, and tenacity.

So in the summer of 2004, I gave birth to, and was the proud owner of, an infant company I so lovingly named: Ubiquitous Cre8ive, LLC.
My delivery of the company was painless... it's the years that followed that have proven challenging.

So if you're ever in the need for a "Set Jester" who plays the role of the ADHD-DP... than look no further then this surfer-dude.

I'm here to move the camera... so that what I've shot moves you.

Thanks for stopping by... hope to shoot you someday...
er, I mean... well... you know what I mean.


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