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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I'm freelance filmmaker, camera operator and editor.
I began to engage with the world of images as press photographer. During that time I studied
Sound & Vision Design at the University of Buenos Aires, and finished the race in 1999.
After living 10 years in Barcelona, where I obtained wide experience in various areas of audiovisual I continue my career in Buenos Aires, where I currently live.
I specialize in work related to the documentary film, as well as internet advertising, corporate, industrial and institutional videos, video clips and making-of.
I have extensive experience as camera-woman in documentary filmmaking in places like Guatemala, Cameroon, Burundi, India, Nepal, Republic Democratic of Congo and speaks Spanish, English, French and Catalan.
I love this profession and enjoy a lot doing this!!!
My web:
Filmography as director:
Si nos dejan (If they let us) - (2005) - Director, camerawoman and editing
A new meaning to the ghost towns - (2010) - Director, camerawoman and editing
Bazar Road - (work in progress) - Director, camerawoman and editing

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