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Charlotte, NC

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I design and develop web applications that help people buy things and give me money. I play guitar, rock the drums, slap a bass, sing like crap, and watch a lot of videos on the internet.

I am obsessive over little things and don't care about big things. I eat meat, leaves, and fruit. I drawl lines on paper. I am constantly coming up with ideas for the web and suffer from a chronic inability to finish most of them...thus the lines on paper.


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  1. Seth Aldridge commented on Pinnipèdes
    The last punch at the end gets me every time. So good.
  2. How much of this was controlling the song and how much was controlling the effects? There were times where you would move the left arm into an area and I'd hear a kick, but the kick would also play without it. Is there a video that goes over how…
  3. Quick question. In the majority of your targets, like in JS Lint, you reference ${build.dir}/js as where JSLint should check for your files, but you never store any files there. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just passing because there are…