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  1. Panasonic GH3

    by Andrew Reid joined

    1,237 Videos / 743 Members

    The Vimeo Panasonic GH3 group, by EOSHD

  2. DSLR Cinema

    by Cineflare joined

    96.5K Videos / 27.4K Members

    For filmmakers using a DSLR. Filmmaker Tools www.cineflare.com

  3. Panasonic GHx & micro4/3 Community

    by Liza Witz joined

    15.6K Videos / 5,389 Members

    This is the largest and fastest growing micro 4/3 cinema group on vimeo! We started around the GH1 and have expanded to include the gamut of these new generation of innovative mirror-less high quality…

  4. Cinematography Reel

    by Yuki Noguchi joined

    957 Videos / 617 Members

    Share your cinematography reel with other filmmakers!

  5. showreels

    by Henry Tseng joined

    2,866 Videos / 2,138 Members

  6. The RED Room

    by Maarten Toner joined

    1,567 Videos / 874 Members

    Welcome to the RED Room, this is a group for sharing RED videos and experiences. Feel free to sign up and add any RED related videos, this can be your own material or "behind the scenes"…

  7. RED Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland joined

    8,453 Videos / 5,232 Members

    A group for all users and lovers of Red Digital Cinema. Post your videos shot with Red One, Epic or Scarlet.

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