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Seth Solo is an International Visual Artist focused on Photography, Music-Videos, Film and Advertising. He is available for assignments worldwide.


"The Present Will Become Your Memories.Choose Your Memories Well."

Seth Solo is a Photographer and a Filmmaker.
He Studied Architecture, Graphic Design, Advertisment, Film and Photography.

He created [ Anything ] Corp. - A Multi-Disciplinary Visual Agency based in Lisboa, Portugal and works with a team of excellent professionals ( Designers, Stylists, Make Up Artists, Technichians, etc...).

His specialities englobe - in Film or in Digital - Several Areas of Photography and Film Making.

In Photography:
- Fashion
- Advertising
- Product
- Interior Design
- Architecture
- Portrait
- Front Stage / Back Stage,
- Photojornalism,
- Landscape,
- etc

In Film Making:
- Movies
- Commercials
- Music Videos
- Documentaries
- Shorts
- Trailers
- etc...

Due to his vast experience in several advertising and publicity agencies, he also works as a Visual Director, Creative, Advertiser, Business Development Director, Art Director, Designer and Image Adviser.

[ Photography | Film | Video | Art | Design | Advertising | Identity | Illustration | Business Development | Anything ]

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