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Starting members Joseph Vallejos, Mike Trejo, and Gary Higdon a small skeleton
crew from Colorado"
had a Devilish Nightmare in their heads when
they came up with the plot for Seven Days Lost.

Songs like Hammer Down and Suicide Saturday Night
have found their way into the current set list and rock the crowd
to the point of exhaustion.

Seven Days Lost was officially founded in the dark heart of a cold
winters night in early 2007, Seven Days Lost Band members
Joseph Vallejos (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Michael Trejo (Guitar
& Leas Vocals) Gary Higdon (Bass & Vocals), and Justus Downey
(Drums & Vocals), is a crew of Hard Rock Monsters with the balls
to turn it up both musically and visually!

With Ear bleeding guitar solos, heart stopping thunderous bass
sounds and an over the top visual appearance. Seven Days Lost
strives to entertain it’s fans with not only songs, but with a forever
growing and constantly evolving live show that visually captivates
the viewer and draws them into a musical web of hooks! Once
there, there is NO escape.

The Seven Days Lost vision is to merge visual stimulation and
audio ecstasy. The show is geared toward the likes of Alice
Cooper, KISS, Wednesday 13 and Rob Zombie. Shows such as
these conjure up images of evil for those who believe that Rock n
Roll is wicked or the Devil’s music. However a Seven Days Lost
show is only packed with action and entertainment and placed on
a foundation of Traditional Rock music that has a sound that is as
thick as brick and twice as hard with no evil intended.

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