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Seventh Ray Films is here to make wedding films that speak to the heart. We try to capture human emotions, and we do so by not getting in the way of your wedding. We have a laid back attitude but we go through big efforts and a lot of work to make our films. We love to see your story unfold before our eyes, being able to capture it and put it in film for you to cherish it with the world. That is our mission. Your wedding is one of the biggest day of your lives, a milestone, a day where everything starts fresh, and we love being part of such a wonderful event. We want you to remember your wedding and live through those emotions every single time you watch our films.

To do this, and to provide the highest quality experience to our customers, we commit ourselves to only a number of weddings per year. We love to travel and we would love to go anywhere in the world to capture your day. We are here for you, and we want to hear and tell your story the best way possible.

Seventh Ray Films is a company you can depend on. Your wedding day is important to us, and telling good stories is our passion. We are not just your average videographer, we aim high, and we try to capture remarkable images, because you deserve the best.

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