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  1. Sweet Crude

    Sweet Crude Plus London


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    Sweet Crude is the creative collective of Fraser Davidson, Simon Tibbs, Dina Makanji & Ben Collier-Marsh Working out of their East London studio, Sweet Crude produce award-winning Motion Graphics & Animation for Advertising, Broadcast & Web. Having emerged from the fertile creative…


    ALEXEY ★ TEREHOFF Plus Toronto, Canada


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    Alexey TEREHOFF (Алексей Терехов, Aliaksei Tserakhau) facebook.com/cosmosfilm.tv cosmosfilm.tv cosmosfilm@gmail.com ACHIEVEMENTS & AWARDS: 2012 Fifth Annual National Musical Award in the domain of rock`n`roll «Chartova Dyuzhyna. Top 13» (Пятая Ежегодная Национальная Музыкальная…

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