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I've been working in Communications for over two decades...
Everything from my first professional job as a teacher, to ESPN to Public Television to Employee Communications... Marketing Communications to Advertising to Training to producing award winning Video Programming, Sales Meetings, Shows & Convention support.

Then, as careers evolve, with the move into the "business" side of communications, as department manager and director, I had the privilege of leading others through the challenges of the E-volution across this communications spectrum and a day-to-day production cycle... always with my finger on the pulse of technology and my hand with a firm grasp on the tactical elements of planning, posting and production of our video programming, advertising, employee & corporate communications, meeting production, conventions, social media and marketing communications.

Those experiences with business plans, quarterly goals, processes, budgeting and ROI allowed me to also develop a realistic perspective on the value of the human aspect of communications.

While enjoying my role as an overall communications ombudsman for the majority of the past decade - writing, consulting, coaching, directing and producing a plethora of events and communications in all media - I've come to the conclusion that transferring the skills I developed in graduate school, on the street and in the old post-production facilities - many times at 2:15 a.m. with too many M&Ms and stale donuts - transferring those skills into today's E-comm/video production/social media world where your studio can be your laptop and an iPhone - this is where I plan to be in this next stage of my career.

There's that old adage... "do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."
Well, I'm doing what I love...


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