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Filmmaker - Independent Broadcast Media Professional - Director/Cameraman/FCP Editor

I am a film making Diploma holder from INDIA with more than 7 years work experience in the highly demanding and pressurised media field. I have produced and directed several documentaries, informational videos, short films, tv commercials, promos for a diverse range of TV networks and brands. I am able to work independently and as an active team member to meet operational deadlines and also to manage multiple tasks by setting priorities.

I have worked on various freelance projects (documentaries,short films, Music video's in PAKISTAN that enabled me to work under pressure. I learned the value of time management and meeting deadlines.

I have very strong technical ability and can use the following equipment with confidence: SONY HVR-Z1, SONY XD CAM , SONY PD150, SONY PD170, CANON XL1, CANON DSR 550D,60D,7D, Mark 2 5D.

Also, I have experience in using the following professional software: Graphic Design - Adobe Photoshop, Video/Sound Editing - Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas.

Specialties: Broadcast Television Programmes, Direction, Editing, Documentaries, Informational Videos, Short Films, Music Videos, Photography, Commercials, Wedding Videos, Promos.


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