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Post-doctoral research assistant at the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.

My research and teaching interests revolve broadly around questions of mediality and mediation, including topics in film theory, science studies, philosophy of technology, and media theory. Drawing on resources from these theoretical fields, I am particularly interested in exploring new approaches to popular culture.

My dissertation, “Postnaturalism: Frankenstein, Film, and the Anthropotechnical Interface,” took Frankenstein films as the basis for an exploration of a broad media-philosophical terrain, and recent work has centered on phenomenological approaches to comics and the role of popular serial entertainments in the modern lifeworld.

In the context of the research project “Serial Figures and Media Change” (with Ruth Mayer, part of the DFG Research Unit “Popular Seriality—Aesthetics and Practice,” headed by Frank Kelleter, Göttingen), I am writing a monograph entitled (tentatively) Figuring Serial Trajectories, which explores the interrelations between narrative seriality and mediality, with particular focus on the way that popular serial figures (such as Tarzan, Frankenstein, Dracula, Batman, or Superman) chart or “mediate” changes, transitions, and transformations of the media landscape.

I have also established an “Initiative for Interdisciplinary Media Research” at the Leibniz University, for which I maintain a blog at:

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