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Shaun was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. Early on in life he gained the ability to traverse different worlds. Growing up in one of West Baltimore’s roughest neighborhoods, yet attending Gilman School, one of Maryland’s most prestigious preparatory academies for 12 years. This rare set of circumstances gave him a unique perspective on life and the world. Shaun grew up and avid comedy fan, often sneaking off the with his mothers comedy tapes, listening to the likes of Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams for hours. He always had a subconscious desire to act, but a career in the arts didn’t seem tangible, so he focused more on sports and academics. Shaun excelled in football, basketball and track & field at Gilman, going on to run track in college.

It wasn’t until attending New York University that his interest in the Arts came to the surface. Shaun became friends with several acting students who encouraged him to pursue his dream. He began participating in student films and started the formidable task of honing his craft. After graduating, Shaun returned to Baltimore, where he landed a recurring role on HBO’s critically acclaimed series The Wire.

Shaun became a traveling member of Wombwork Production’s Nu World Art Ensemble, and has since been training and working up and down the East Coast. He has booked roles in numerous national commercials, film and television; landing roles on The Firm (NBC), American Experience (PBS), America’s Most Wanted, and most recently Golden Boy (CBS). Shaun is currently playing the lead role of Sampson in Synesthetic Films’ Debt To Society. Sampson is an ex-convict trying to make good on his shot at redemption. Shaun is able to draw from his life experiences to bring depth to the role. He currently coaches high school football while continuing to embrace the challenge of mastering his craft and bringing his childhood dream to life.


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