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In a nutshell I grew up with art. It was all around me. My father is an artist in every sense of the word and has explored every avenue of it. The majority of the time he took me with him.

Seeing my natural talent the rest of my family was very supportive of the idea that I would become a artist in my own right and that is just what I did. After years of techniques taught to me growing up I chose to utilize the knowledge and attend Louisville Technical Institute which is now Sullivan College of Art and Design. It is here that I received my degree and moved into the realm of digital artist.

After I graduated I got the opportunity to work on Fort Knox, as a contractor for the military, at a production studio. Here I used various animation programs to create title sequences for full productions. It is here I became a master at using After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere and 3ds Max. As time went on I became efficient in Illustrator and Flash as well creating print pieces and multiple animations.

Over the last 9 years at Fort Knox I have also dabbled in freelance work.Some companies include; All Pro Video in Louisville, KY, Graphix Chix in Jacksonville, FL, Aleghany Productions in Pittsburg, PA and Oz2 Productions in Wadsworth, OH.


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