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Shawn Telford is an Actor/Writer/Director who has made several short films: "The Last Virgin," “Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter,” “A Night in the Sunlight,” and “Safe Passage.” Together, these have played in a number of film festivals, most notably the Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, 1 Reel, San Francisco Independent Film Festival and the Jecheon Int'l Music & Film Festival in Korea.

He received his MFA in acting through the University of Washington’s prestigious PATP (Professional Actor Training Program) and since graduating has appeared onstage at all of Seattle’s major theatres including the Seattle Repertory Theatre, ACT, the Intiman and the Seattle Children’s Theatre. In addition to the stage, Shawn has acted in numerous short, feature and student films, industrials, training videos, commercials and the TV shows "Grimm," "Leverage" and “The Fugitive.”

In addition to teaching approaches to acting (“the 250 Series”) at the University of Washington and “Acting for the Camera” at the Seattle Children’s Theatre, Shawn has developed his own class “Acting and the Camera,” which he teaches independently. All of which have helped him to sharpen his command of the language of the actor.

Since 2005, Shawn has also been a Casting Assistant at Complete Casting, where he has helped cast a diverse number of projects for film, TV, print and internet.

In addition to acting, casting, teaching and filmmaking, Shawn is also a professional writer. Since 1998, he has written music criticism for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Rocket, the Tablet, Seattle Sound Magazine, the Louisville Eccentric Observer and He is working on a memoir “I Gave My Ears to Rock ‘N’ Roll” which chronicles his experiences, observations and philosophies related to music, music appreciation and music criticism.

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