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Sherren is a Writer/Director in Toronto, Ontario. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in 2007 and has since worked in the Film and Television industry. Her directorial debut was on an original play, “Hell Is Other People Like You” by Adam Ryan, and won the Clark Lewis Prize for the best play produced at McGill in 2006. In 2009, she founded Sunday Afternoon Productions to produce her own independent work.

Last year, Sherren wrote and directed several shorts, including "So Nice to Love You," a 19-mins short, "Wet" a Dark Comedy short made for the 2013 Toronto Film Challenge, "My Favourite Thing," a 3-mins short that premiered at the Zero Film Festival 2013 and "Tell Me," a dance film that was selected as part of the Bouge D'ici Cinédanse 2014.

Her most recent endeavour is a 5-episode Romantic Comedy mini-series made for the web, "Someone Not There," that launched in February 2014.

Currently, she is the Associate Producer on the hidden camera comedy series for City, "Meet the Family." Her previous experience include working as a Production Manager and 1st AD on documentary for TSN, "The 13th Man" with Frantic Films, documentary series for APTN, "Finding Our Talk 3" with Mushkeg Media, thriller feature "Separation" with Birchmount Entertainment Inc.

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