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As a photographer and movement artist, my work presents a dialogue between motion, time and space. Photography is a tool I use to convey the suspense and intimacy between these themes, to draw one closer to the essence of my subjects, and to reveal what our eyes cannot capture.

Since then I have refined the method to explore urban landscapes with bicycles, buses and people in motion as well as ten meter murals of martial artists and dancers. Eight years ago I devised a novel method of pulling film through a still camera to create panoramic photographs that depicts a narrative of motion as one continuous image.

In a recent project called ‘Successions’ with the company Flock Dance, the performers made choreography specifically for my camerawork. I traced their movement on film, emphasizing repetition and paradoxes of the dancers’ timing, height, speed, and space. In the process of photographing I stood behind the camera, Isolated from the dancers, however remaining deeply engaged by directing the composition revealed on film. I would sense and anticipate the climatic and low moments of the choreography and aim to extenuate this, enabling me to interlink the scientific observation with a highly emotional account, resulting in a unique expression of motion unfolding as narratives over a whole length on film.

Integrating this novel method in my landscape photography, I focus on the relationship between nature and urban landscape and our romantic inclinations for landscape images. In photographing landscape I try and engage in the the surroundings, absorbing and searching for the textures, sensitivities, and narratives in the scene. Like a painter, I stretch and compress the image recorded. I control my composition and yet allow an element of spontaneity in the process of photographing and anticipating movements that cross the frame. Abstracting the landscape allows me to bring out all unique features and romanticize the given scenery, engaging with the audiences' allure to aestheticism.

These long panoramic style photographs are exhibited as one image, printed on one sheet of paper approx 20cm high and at times reaching at times lengths of 12meters.

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