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  1. 19:23

    Exoplanet Love

    by Shiro Schwarz

    11 Videos

    Shiro Schwarz - Exoplanet Love The visuals were recorded live and manipulated in real-time. They are the visuals used in the live shows of Shiro Schwarz when presenting Exoplanet Love. Created…

  2. 03:08:45


    by Shiro Schwarz

    21 Videos

  3. 00:00


    by Shiro Schwarz

    6 Videos

    Microtonal audiovisual project

  4. 00:00


    by Shiro Schwarz

    6 Videos

    PRRM - KAWAII (Live Performance)

  5. 27:29

    Pammela Rojas & Rafael Marfil

    by Shiro Schwarz

    25 Videos

    Audiovisual project

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