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I have been working in the post-production industry since 1992, when I started as an intern at MTV. Needless to say over the years I've gained quite a bit of experience. I've worked on films, commercials, been a software demonstrator/trainer, and I even teach compositing courses and software.

From '96 to 2004 I lived and worked as a freelancer in Sydney, Australia where the film and television industry is thriving. This was fortunate for me as I've had the opportunity to work extensively in both areas. I've used a lot of compositing software but my favorite tools of the trade are Inferno/Flame/Smoke and Nuke.

More recently I have been living and working on the East Coast of America where I freelance for high end post production companies as a compositor. Recently, I have taken on a marketing/advertising role, which I love. So, I am now transitioning to producer / production manager.

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