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Shot From Dark is being created by Duty Free Productions with the ideology that all profit be distributed to the skaters involved in busting themselves for profile sections in the video.
Ryan Kofman and Dustin Thompson have been collaborating on this project for well over a year. Both have been skating for years and have known each other for about 4 years now. Ryan works professionally licensing music and is a Los Angeles native. Dustin is currently a graduate student at Cal Arts in Film & Video and grew up skating in Virginia until moving to Los Angeles 2 years ago.
Shot From Dark profiles underexposed and underrated riders from both East and West coasts: Jeremy Soderburg, Quinn Feldman, Iain McLeod, Zach Gutweiler & Byron "Snatchy Waters", Mike Koliner, and Russel Day.
The songs in the profile sections are under our own license for distribution on the DVD. You'll be able to pull off the MP3 of each rider's song and jam to it on your own iPod/MP3 player, burn a CD for your car (if people even use CDs anymore), or just keep it on your computer. Our goal is to help support the local lifestyle scene that infuses rolling culture. Instead of just ripping off well-known artists, we're also trying to help give underground grassroots artists exposure in the same manner we are the skaters that listen to their music.
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