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Christchurch, NZ

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Filmmaker. Songwriter. Christchurch is my hometown.
Proudly documenting Christchurch post-quake through film, photos, words and music.
My documentary Town Like Here was a finalist in the 2013 Inspiring Stories Film Competition for the Secondary Schools category as well as The Big Idea Culture & Creativity Award.
I am continuing to document the Christchurch music scene post-quake through individual band videos in collaboration with local artists especially local collective Fledge. Another follow-up to last year's short film is currently in production.
The films are produced and filmed by myself, an 18-year-old amateur film-maker. I am very grateful to all the featured musicians, interviewees and everyone involved in these films giving me permission and their time to make these films.

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  • Blog - StreetsofColombo blog (music, film and Christchurch)
  • YouTube - Where most of my films live


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