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Simon Andersson is a country artist from Malmo,Sweden. With a sound more modern than you might associate the style with normally, even though the genre has seen much change over the last ten years, he went into the studio without a band and no budget with one goal. Make a great sounding record!

Writing music since he was very young and being raised in a musical environment, he developed a good sense for easy melodies and harmonies over the years. Much because of the music he grew up listening to as well, such as: Chicago, Roxette, ToTo, Elvis, 50's rock ‘n’ roll and pop music. Later discovering groups like Whitesnake, AC/DC, Deep Purple and Queen, it’s safe to say that he finds his inspiration from a lot of different styles. It wasn’t until he was about twenty years old that he discovered country music. Of course he’d heard songs like “every little thing”, “ring of fire” and other classical country tunes, but artists like Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson was still unknown.

It was actually the guitar player Brent Mason who first caught his attention. Being truly impressed by the “new” sound, he immediately wanted to find out more and learn how to play that. From there it went on to later discovering artists like Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley. Over time he more and more felt that this was his thing, that this was a comfortable style for him to write music in. And listening to his music you might think that he was right! Even though staying in the country genre, he sometimes flirts with his old favorite bands like Whitesnake and Toto. This resulting in quite varied album. And either you like it, or not, but it’s… Simon Andersson.

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