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  1. HD Time (group)

    by Ben joined

    5,703 Videos / 950 Members

    Time of the past, present or future. It could be a time of the season, a time to work, time to enjoy, a timelapse or slowmotion or the time of your life. There is also a channel HDTime: http://vimeo.com/channels/hdtime …

  2. THE VIDEO EXPERIENCE______ beyond the screen, beyond the finished, beyond mere perception.

    by Ale Corsini joined

    14.1K Videos / 6,802 Members

    THE VIDEO EXPERIENCE - a group dedicated to the most daring digital-, interactive-, video-artists.

  3. ArtsFreqs on Vimeo

    by Risa Dickens joined

    1,362 Videos / 236 Members

    This group is for submitting art videos of any kind to be featured on http://www.Frequency.com. ALL videos submitted will be indexed on Frequency. And Frequency editors will choose the best ones to…

  4. DSLR Cinema

    by Cineflare joined

    104K Videos / 26.5K Members

    For filmmakers using a DSLR. Filmmaker Tools www.cineflare.com

  5. The Storyteller

    by Silverdrop joined

    3,466 Videos / 1,763 Members

    This is a group that is all about the narrative. Videos should follow an identifiable story arc, but by no means a generic one. Shortfilms, Documentaries, Artfilms, Animation, anything that has…

  6. 360° immersive panoramic Videos

    by Frank Freitag joined

    208 Videos / 110 Members

    open for immersive panoramic Videos in 360°

  7. Music Videos HD

    by Aaron Gentry joined

    2,882 Videos / 857 Members

  8. 8mm/S8/16mm film clips and reels made for VJing..

    by hexxylight joined

    855 Videos / 679 Members

    This is a clip share group made for VJ's that want to use 8mm/S8/16mm clips in there VJ performances.. Please make the clips you upload available for others to use and remix. Please try to…

  9. Music Videos

    by espen joined

    2,485 Videos / 894 Members

  10. Music Videos

    by Sander Kloppenburg joined

    3,633 Videos / 1,335 Members

    music video

  11. music video showcase

    by Thom Valko joined

    4,828 Videos / 1,589 Members

    A collection of peoples best music videos. Showcase yours!

  12. me like music

    by Steve Nelson joined

    6,757 Videos / 1,446 Members

    everyone likes listening to music. some people like making music. this group is for everyone and some people!

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