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My aim is to bring high quality editorial to all projects I am invited to collaborate on, & to ensure that the best of my work is always centred on accompanying the director in the realisation of their vision.

I began my film editing career in France in 1995. I spent 12 years learning my craft as an assistant to some of France's most distinguished editors, working on independent films d'auteur, studio films, documentaries & feature trailers. During my time there, I collaborated on films such as Pierre Salvadori's Après Vous & …Comme Elle Respire (White Lies), Michel Blanc's Mauvaise Passe (The Escort) & John Malkovich's The Dancer Upstairs.

I returned to Australia in 2005 to continue cutting at prestigious edit houses Guillotine & Method Studios in Sydney.

At the start of 2014, wanting to create a working environment where the art & craft of editing was repositioned at the centre of my practice, I opened my own independent shop, One Egg Is Enough Editorial.

Credited titles include Jennifer Kent's feature length psychological thriller 'The Babadook', Alex Holmes' Ali & The Ball (Winner Best Short Fiction Film, Sydney Film Festival 2008), Gideon Obarzanek & Edwina Throsby's Dance Like Your Old Man (Winner Best Documentary Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival 2007) & Scott Otto's Greg's First Day.

I continue to work on features, short fiction & documentaries.

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