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To give a brief overview, I’ve been working as a cameraman for six years. I first began working for a local video production company as Senior Editor and Camera Assistant in the South of England before going freelance in April 2008. Since then, I’ve had a vast amount of shooting experience on corporate films and animation, both working behind the camera on location, at green-screen studios and in an edit suit, contributing to no less than 150 projects since becoming freelance. One of which was a green-screen based project for BBC WebWise, nominated for two BIMA awards. During the experience on film shoots, I quietly cultivated technical and creative skills for camera operating which would allow me to follow my lifelong dream into Natural History and TV Documentary.

At the age of six I’d become absorbed by Attenborough, and began to enjoy programme creation and broadcasting as a method of communication and story telling. By the age of twelve, I was giving live weather reports on the local radio station based on the information I found on Teletext; I would call the radio station up every morning before school, faithfully announcing the days weather forecast! By sixteen, I was offered a rare full-time Avionics Engineer apprenticeship position at Odiham airfield in Hampshire after just one week in school work experience, which followed up in a lifelong enthusiasm for Radio Communication and Avionics. I turned this fantastic opportunity down, and after a fleeting experience in a technical college, made a life-changing decision to follow the unpredictable and open road in freelancing and the pursuit of making Natural History programmes. By the age of twenty-one, I’d found freedom travelling the world and paragliding in remote destinations such as the foothills of Machhapuchhre in Nepal, meanwhile working in a range of jobs including picture framer, barman, freelance web designer, MOD civilian servant, kitchen porter and finally my job in a production company.

Since then, South Devon has been my home and has greatly opened up the opportunity to pursue a passion and understanding of the great outdoors. I regularly walk and paraglide on Dartmoor, surf on Devon’s beaches, kayak the waterways and ski in the Alps each winter. Having these opportunities helps to bridge the gap between my interest and learning of the natural world and my interest in camera technology and the creative appreciation of Cinematography. They form part of a 3-way combination which compliments every side of my character.

My recent credit includes operating as Second Cameraman on this seasons River Cottage for Channel4. Episode 4 is due to air November 6th at 8pm on Channel4, where you can see some of my footage filmed this year following the apple picking team and ensuing cider drinking celebrations, as Hugh presents the last of the seasons harvest!

What perhaps has taken nearly six months to film over the space of eighteen months is a new documentary on the UK Territories. For this programme I acted as main cameraman, sound man and director, of which has been no mean feat! During this time, myself and presenter/producer Stewart McPherson have travelled as a two-man team from the chilliest most inhospitable climes of Antarctica, to the searing plains of volcanic lava on the island of Montserrat, to the idyllic heaven of Henderson Island, part of the Pitcairn Islands, and then beyond. During this time, our nerves and patience have been tested to the max, while equipment failures and travel chaos have all added to a frantic schedule! But what can be certain, is that from this experience, the most memorable and beautiful sequences have emerged, which has to be the pinnacle of satisfaction to any production. Some of our sequences, including the filming of Black-Browed Albatrosses and 250,000 breeding pairs of King Penguin, nesting Green Turtles and outstanding presenter interaction, have contributed to this satisfaction.

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