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Following the likes of Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and Teddy Riley, SInatra Royale is the next Virginia native, to leave his imprint upon HipHop.

Blending luxury and lyricism, Royale paints a plush and vivid view of the "Good Life". While concentrating on Style, Substance, and Swagger, he skillfully narrates a vivid tale of rags to riches painting the American Dream that everyone can relate to. With clever wordplay and witty punchlines flowing flush like colors stroked upon the skyline of the French Riviera, its pure pleasure from the verse to the hook. Every song is a vacation.

He has lent his opulent sound to several commercial endeavors including his song "Make it Hot" for the Semi-pro football team, the Virginia Beach Crusaders, and partnering up with New Era Caps in an effort to promote their "VA Fitted". He's also given chest thumping performances opening for Major artists such as Maino, MC Lyte, Karina Pasian, Eric B and Rakim, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Skillz.

With the help of his high end urban clothing brand, "Million Dollar Mannequin" Sinatra Royale is well on his way to creating a culture around his music that is both classy and flashy. He is a firm believer in quality over quantity and feels the consumer should get more bang for their buck. With that said, he's music is compared to kicking back and lighting a fresh Cuban cigar...with a stick of dynamite. He is the new rap version of Frank Sinatra and with the streets listening, he plans to do it his way.

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