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Siren Films creates niche original films and media content. A robust and growing group of artists collaborate across Canada to craft moving pieces with reach: documentaries, web series', commercials, infographics and outreach campaigns.

Madison Matthews and Andrew Cromey are the founders and co-owners of Siren Films.

As Creative Director, Madison focuses largely on original concept development, writing, editing and directing projects. Andrew is the Production / Post-Coordinator, leading most projects through their shooting phase to completion in the editing room; he is our lead editing, motion graphics and design Jedi.


  1. Digital Grotesque
  2. Real Ventures
  3. Hillman Curtis
  4. Caleb & Shawn
  5. betweenthelinesdoc
  6. saif azmi
  7. Charlie Shoemaker
  8. Gord Welke
  9. shankaz beats
  10. Justice
  11. Dredeezy
  12. Tony Del Rio
  13. Danielle Seville
  14. Cameron Harding
  15. Agile Films
  16. Sacred Rides
  17. Sarah Thomas Moffat, Assoc CSC
  18. Athletes for Africa

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