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Sisters Hope operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and pedagogy. They are working proactively toward manifesting a more sensuous and poetic educational system. Currently working on the large-scale project Sisters Academy.


A storm rages outside, but behind sturdy walls, the sisters are doing important experiments: while the old world is falling apart, they investigate what values to base the new world on. A long time ago, the sisters became aware that something would happen to the world they knew, and so they formed a school – Sisters Hope. Since then, they have inspired youths from the entire nation, nourished the ground and planted special seeds. The time has ripened. It is ripe. It is time for the birth of Sisters Academy, the unity of inspirations, the reaping of visions - A place open to fresh and fleshy ideas. A place where the dream you just dreamt is as important as the breath you take. A place where the ambience touches your soul as the light fades. A place where memories of the past is turned into hope for the future…

Supported by the Danish Art Council.

Tak til Statens Kunstråd.

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