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User Bio produces Situation Reports on Urbanity. is a New York City-based “Design Tank” dedicated to the study of Urbanity through architectural research and design. All our findings and proposals are published for public distribution as Situation Reports - SITREP. [City] takes the form of a 4 week-long Charrette conducted on-site by a dedicated team of Instructors and Participants. Instructors are experienced architectural educators, while Participants are selected through a rigorous application process. All Charrettes are operated as architectural seminars and design studios, in that the Instructors establish particular themes for study, work closely with small teams of Participants on research and design, and present the results through juried reviews with invited critics. Charrettes also feature weekly guest lecturers, specialist discussion panels, expert tutorials and workshops, and public exhibitions. The findings and projects produced by these Charrettes form the basis of the Situation Reports.

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