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Started by two journalists bored of being sent to cover rubbish bands, boring authors and abysmal films; Right Where You Are Sitting Now is an online magazine that explores the weirder side of the world we live in. From fringe musicians to cults, from alternative thinkers to Magick…basically if it’s coming from a fresh, funny or different perspective, we are interested in it!

Although we are a relativley young and underfunded project, RWYASN strives to bring you the latest in alternative, underground and counter-culture. If the yeti sneezes, we’ll be there with the tissue, If Anonymous finds a new target on YouTube, we’ll be ‘lol’ing along with them…unless it’s us of course :(

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  1. doh! yes of course, it's a timelapse! apologies.
  2. Ah ok cool. I'm guessing it has to be a fast lens, what with the lack of available light.
  3. Hi Philip. What lens was used on the House at night timelapse?