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Creating sophisticated beauty. Sivitri's multimedia dance performances are a visual spectacle of beauty, showing off nature and it's patterns. Her sensual movement layered under her projected nature photography is not only visually stunning but the layers are a signature of Sivitri Multimedia representing the many layers and facets of nature and ourselves and how beauty and nature are a part of us, woven in to and reflected back to us.

"Sivitri's work with the camera focuses on texture, pattern and color. She seems equally enthralled by shape and dimension. Fertile, erotic, sensual and ecstatic, her photo's leapt out at me and spoke of the creative force of life."
- Emmanuel, New York
"I'm not sure whether Sivitri knows that it is her deep and powerful emotionality that takes us into our beauty more than the flowers. When she gave way to their beauty, the drama was in her giving way, not necessarily their beauty."
- Michael, Leucadia
"Such creative, revolutionary art. I see it as the cycle of birth, innocence and unfoldment - ways to be touched by nature."
- Sirena, Barcelona
"Reminiscent of the work of Georgia O'Keefe, the grandeur of Sivitri's flower photography necessitates one to observe deeply without distraction. Her movement compliments the natural lines of the images as we are compelled to absorb the beauty of the creations that lie before us. In this space of total captivation, one could say her performance becomes a meditation, a sacred ceremony."
- Claudia Madrone, Los Angeles
"Grace, passion, genius, wonder - Sivitri shatters expectation. Creative expeditions into past and parallel realms yield awesome manifestations reminiscent of lost ages and forgotten cultures. Her connection to the center of creation cannot be denied, for her expressions are indeed unique, excellent and moving. Integrity, humility and innocent intent all add up to an irresistible sweetness of artistic mastery and intrinsic mystery. Sivitri is one of the finest women of this age ; We need her presence and we need her creations."
Anon, Hawaii


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