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  1. KINO Generator 2013

    by NISI MASA subscribed to

    17 Videos / 5 Followers

    Kino Kabaret made during the NISI MASA Forum Generator in Strasbourg (France, January 2013)


    by Bionicpix subscribed to

    57 Videos / 744 Followers

    If punk's not dead, than neither is the DVX100! Still an amazing picture, even in this new HD-crazed world. And with or without a 35mm adapter screwed on, you can still fool 'em with that…

  3. John Hichens

    by John Hichens subscribed to

    0 Videos / 2 Followers

    Stuff I've worked on.

  4. WeAreDN

    by Directors Notes subscribed to

    3,824 Videos / 6,580 Followers

    The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking http://www.directorsnotes.com http://www.facebook.com/DirectorsNotes http://twitter.com/WeAreDN

  5. The Swede Beat Magazine

    by The Swede Beat subscribed to

    21 Videos / 11 Followers

    Videos posted by The Swede Beat Magazine: contemporary pop culture from Sweden www.theswedebeat.com

  6. Pavel Badzhakov Fashion Photography Channel

    by Pavel Badzhakov subscribed to

    15.4K Videos / 9,235 Followers

    International Jury Team Member @ La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2014 and International Fashion Film Awards 2014 USA. Over 14K videos and over 9000 followers in the channel!!! Thank you for being…

  7. B.L.O.T.

    by lenskap subscribed to

    37 Videos / 47 Followers

    B.L.O.T. aka Basic Love Of Things is an live electronica and visuals act in India. This page showcases some of the videos that we are working on. Tell us what you think..leave a comment :-) Enjoy!

  8. Stocktown Selection

    by Stocktown subscribed to

    104 Videos / 13 Followers

    This is our videobox of carefully selected links by the Stocktown videocurators and editors

  9. 2010 CalArts Character Animation Student Films

    by CalArts Character Animation subscribed to

    47 Videos / 167 Followers

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