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Bonn, Germany

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In a ramp? I'm cloud connected! ;)

more will follow soon

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  1. Awesome!!! Feels like a videogame!!!
  2. @ Be-Mag: Nils and Mika Rinas are 2 very young locals from Wuppertal, skating round about 15 month's now ;) They're 8 and 10 years old and very sick skaters ;) @Alex: Bomben Edit, die absolut epische Stimmung des Tages kam sofort wieder hoch! Da…
  3. Marc Kau commented on New Curb Session
    Sach ma, ganz am Anfang (Saufen im Sonnenuntergang) Kann es sein, dass das in Königswinter am Rhein ist? Wo ist das Curb?
  4. great song, i enjoy to preorder the album ;)
  5. Marc Kau commented on Woman
    The dark haired is hot!! And the video is very sexy! ;)