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Ski The East was created for you: the passionate and dedicated Eastern skier. We're a breed apart. The tight trees, variable conditions and brutal weather have helped to produce some of the toughest and most talented skiers in the world.

Ski The East is Vermont-based independent clothing company that produces annual media and events. Our mission is to be the voice for the Eastern U.S. and Canadian ski community. We create original video, news and weather content and offer an online retail store featuring Ski The East gear as well as other boutique brands.

Every winter we organize and host the Ski The East Freeride Tour at multiple resorts around the region. We're also the producers of the Meathead Films ski movies that have been showcasing the best East Coast action for the past decade.

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  1. This series is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for showcasing much of what New England backcountry is all about, and for putting visuals to lines in the Whites that many of us had only ever read about. Looking forward to the final chapter!