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Sarah K. Khan consults with TV and print media outlets, individuals, chefs, museum and galleries, private NGOs, corporations and government institutions. She provides consulting services on food, culture, healthy lifestyles and sustainability grounded in clinical and ethnobotanical research, writing, curating and social media. She researches, writes and travels in South Asia, China, North and West Africa, Europe, and USA, has multiple language abilities, formal training in Ayurveda and Hatha yoga education, and teaches cooking classes.
Sarah earned two Masters (public health and nutrition) and a PhD (plant sciences) over the years. Sarah’s research and writing have appeared in The American Botanical Council’s Herbal Gram, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine by David Rakel MD, and in The American Journal of Health Education. Sarah is a contributor for the award-winning food and culture website, Zester Daily. With the popular series entitled “Eat to Heal,” Sarah highlights the origins, culinary and medicinal use, contemporary scientific research, and cultivation practices of a particular spice or food.

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