Szymon Kobusiński

Warsaw, Poland

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For years I have been passionate about portrait, also underwater. In my work I focus on high quality, but also make good use of intuition and instinct. I was born in 1973 in Warsaw. Graduate of The Leon Schiller National Film, Television and Theatre School.
I am also a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Advertising and other universities (e.g. PWSFiTv in Lodz, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, UMCS, Lublin).

I took up underwater photography over 10 years ago with thesis, Another World, at PWSFiTv in Lodz, first exhibited in 2001 at the National Theatre in Warsaw. Other exhibitions: My Time, Traffic, Warsaw (2003), Light of Life,Great Theatre in Warsaw and London, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań (2004), Saved from oblivion, the Polish Embassy in London, the Royal Baths and the Senate of Poland, Warsaw (2005); Medalists, Hotel Sofitel, Warsaw and the Gallery of Polish Olympic Committee (2008), Passion, The Cinnamon, Warsaw (2008).
I am prize-winner in photography competitions, including First Prize in Trendy Nokia 2004, a competition for professional photographers.

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