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Skysent LU was created in 2004 in Athens, Greece.
They move around heavy metal and hard rock paths, while their fantasy and open mind has led them in being authentic when composing, and mind blowing when performing live.
Their debut album, “2 Seconds Late” has been the most difficult and creative project for Skysent LU so far, given that the production and diligence for all the aspects of the CD is theirs; from the studio and mastering, to the creative concept and photography, all aspects are funded by the band, and have their personal signature.

The LP’s first presentation took place on Januray 14, 2012 at Kyttaro live, with an exceptional live show. The CD has already gotten excellent reviews from magazines and websites in Greece and abroad, like Metal Hammer (GR), Powerplay (UK), Fireworks magazine (UK) and others, while several songs have been included in the covermount CDs of magazines like Big cheese magazine (UK), Fireworks magazine (UK), and in the playlists of several radio stations in Greece and abroad.

The CD single "Touch me Μο#herfu(k3r" that was released with FM Records, is a sequel of the LP “2 Seconds Late”, and includes an excellent cover of the popular 80s song by Samantha Fox, as well as “Punishment” in acoustic version, and “Loneliness of my heart” in radio edit. Find it!

Skysent LU are:
Nondas Emmanouil || Vocals
Costas Karapetsas || Guitar
Christos Spyropoulos || Guitar
Stefanos Malliaros || Bass
Alexandros Varsanis || Drums

Find Skysent LU:
On twosidemoon uk, on, on Facebook, on MySpace, on twitter, on Reverb Nation, on youtube, on soundcloud on jumpingfish, on, on Flickr, on Music clout, on soundclick or e-mail them at

Find the new CD Single “Touch Me Mo#herfu (K3R!” in physical form, at stores around Greece and on the FM Records web site or digitally all over the world at iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Amazon.FR, Amazon Japan, Amazon DE!

Find "2 Seconds Late" in physical form, at stores around Greece by FM Records, or digitally all over the world at iTunes, Amazon, Amazon.FR, Spotify, eMusic,, myspace music, MOG, Tradebit, MediaNet, Rhapsody, Simfy, and !

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