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  1. Experimental Video Art

    by Adrian Salinas joined

    28.6K Videos / 7,913 Members

    The best Experimental Video Art Vimeo has to offer. El mejor Video Arte Experimental que vimeo puede ofrecer.

  2. Avant-garde films

    by Anders Weberg joined

    16K Videos / 5,373 Members

    "Avant-garde" is a word from the French, meaning "ahead of the crowd." In contemporary English, we'd say it's on the "cutting edge." Avant-garde film makers…

  3. Abstract

    by Andy Galletly joined

    17.2K Videos / 5,246 Members

    A place for abstraction, experiments with form/colour/movement/time

  4. Experimental/Abstract

    by Dead Set Films joined

    22.2K Videos / 8,445 Members

    Films using experimental techniques, abstract visuals, or non-traditional elements. Out-of-the-box, antinorm, or just plan weird and creative.

  5. videoart

    by nagash joined

    63.3K Videos / 19.6K Members

    art for the moving canvas

  6. HD Macro

    by Piotr Bargiel joined

    1,673 Videos / 1,411 Members

    Watch, upload and discuss HD macro videos, nature or not

  7. Making Of - BTS

    by Idris joined

    980 Videos / 1,012 Members

    Welcome Filmmakers! This is a group where you can share your Making of's, behind the scenes of AUDIOVISUAL PROJECTS: films, shorts, music videos, commercials, etc... ---> NO PHOTO SHOOTINGS,…

  8. Short Films

    by Systematic Media/Skim Invasion joined

    33.6K Videos / 13.7K Members

    post your short films. Be creative and be different. make your short film stick out from the rest. Bring your short film masterpieces to be honored here.

  9. Experimental Filmmakers

    by Aaron Freeder joined

    55.7K Videos / 16.3K Members

    For those of you who aren't another "face" in the crowd of the millions of filmmakers out there. The group of the few. The group that exceeds the limitations that our society knows…

  10. stereo3D

    by Z3D joined

    152 Videos / 88 Members

    Stereoscopic 3D Movie Makers

  11. RED Digital Cinema

    by Bulent Ozdemir joined

    600 Videos / 350 Members

    The RED Digital Cinema Group. Showcasing the VERY BEST films, trailers, documentaries & music videos shot on a RED camera system.

  12. The 'RED' Films Group

    by D.Lane joined

    1,047 Videos / 622 Members

    The 'Red' Films Group is for Indie film makers to share their creative projects, short films, music videos, video art, tutorials, vlogs and programs that are all shot on the 'Red'…

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