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Peter Nicoll owns and runs SuperLuminal Films the same way he has since 1999, “Its simple, you’ve got to tell the story.”

Peter’s diverse set of tools and experiences is a unique blend of technology and craft.  While extremely adept at grasping delicate ideas and making them accessible to audiences, his love of innovation and technology help create a well-balanced perspective matched with interesting visuals, kinetic editing and thoughtful messages.

Both an experienced cinematographer and editor, Peter is constantly researching technical knowledge to combine with his distinct capacity for storytelling to create the next project.

Not only is Peter coveted as an Editor for a select few production houses, he has also on-lined the feature length 1080i documentary “Confessions of a Superhero” at the Lab, worked on several museum installations and cut countless stories for hundreds of clients. 

Peter is also an accomplished cinematographer, shooting for 15 years with recent clients like Fremantle Media, Showtime Sports, PBS, Alex Gibney's Jigsaw Productions, Commercials and nearly 100 corporate clients all over the US.

Peter has also directed branded content films for CSC,the International Monetary Fund, Ocean Spray,, Cervelo and more.

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