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SlotsCrown™ - Free Social Slots Machine App

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♛ ~ Compete with Facebook friends for top rankings and your place as the SlotsCrown™ King.

♛ ~ Awesome Mini-Games are super interactive and highly addictive for scoring bonus wins.

♛ ~ Experience casino-quality jackpot awards and dozens of levels with killer hand-drawn graphics.

♛ ~ Invite & connect with Facebook friends to receive free bonus rewards!

♛ ~ SlotsCrown™ features access to your favorite song playlists & music downloads during slots reel gameplay!


SlotsCrown™ is a free social slots machine app packed with fun mini games, your music playlists, and custom slots leaderboard competition with friends!

Experience rich, colorful graphics and slot-winning animations as you spin through popular casino themes and killer mini games of SlotsCrown™. Compete with your friends via Facebook and our fun slots leaderboard for your place on the SlotsCrown™ throne!

- Connect with friends via Facebook to play & win!
- Dozens of casino theme levels
- VIP Payline and bet level Increases
- Killer game graphics and fun award animations
- Interactive & Fun Minigames launch during slots gameplay
- Play with friends via leaderboard and compete to be featured as the King of SlotsCrown™

Available Casino Slots Theme Levels:
- Classic Slots Theme
- West Slots Theme
- Pirates Slots Theme
- Space Slots Theme
- Farm Slots Theme
- Rocker Slots Theme
- Dogs Slots Theme
- Flowers Slots Theme
- Flyers Slots Theme
- Wizard Slots Theme
- Jungle Slots Theme
- Boats Slots Theme
- Roman Slots Theme
- Viking Slots Theme
- Circus Slots Theme
- Butterfly Slots Theme
- Candy Slots Theme
- Caveman Slots Theme
- Beach Slots Theme
- Vampire Slots Theme
- Football Slots Theme
- Hats Slots Theme
- Cakes Slots Theme
- Hippies Slots Theme
- Robin Hood Theme
- Fair Slots Theme
- Winter Slots Theme
- Basketball Slots Theme
- Salon Slots Theme
- Hunting Slots Theme
+ More to Come!

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