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Artist, architect and urban designer graduated at University of Sao Paulo (USP), Silvio Luiz Cordeiro began his experience as filmmaker and photographer at Architecture and Urbanism College. Since 1997, he develops studies and heads audiovisual productions on subjects such as history of architecture and urbanism, vernacular building techniques and housing, historical and archaeological heritage, indigenous culture, among others. Some of his productions were awarded in Brazil and abroad. Ph.D. in Archaeology with the thesis Transversal of Time: Transformations of Urban Landscape at Museum of Archeology and Ethnology (MAE USP), related to urban heritage and imagery. He organized in 2006 a production base at Lab for the Study of the Ancient City (MAE USP), which aims the development of audiovisual productions related to urban archaeology and heritage. He created the MAIA - Mostra Audiovisual Internacional em Arqueologia (International Film Festival on Archaeology) and directs and produces this festival since 2011 with support of CINUSP. Cordeiro directs since 2012 the Documenta Amazônia - Audiovisual Project on Collections of Archaeology of the Amazon. He develops his own experimental projects with music and visual arts.

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