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  1. 02:53

    Alumni and Institutional Advancement

    by SNHU On Campus

    5 Videos

    A collection of videos showcasing how SNHU Alumni, current students, faculty and staff and the overarching SNHU community's great philanthropic efforts are impacting our campus.

  2. 14:26

    SNHU Admission Counselors

    by SNHU On Campus

    11 Videos

    A collection of videos from our Undergraduate Day Admission Counselors describing their favorite parts about Southern New Hampshire University. For more information on their specific territories…

  3. 00:00

    SNHU Culinay Program

    by SNHU On Campus

    6 Videos

    A group of videos to promote the Southern New Hampshire University's culinary arts programs. For more information about the Culinary Program, visit www.snhu.edu/culinary

  4. 16:56

    SNHU International Voices

    by SNHU On Campus

    6 Videos

    A collection of videos from International students at Southern New Hampshire University, describing their experiences with our diverse university. To learn more, visit: http://www.snhu.edu/international

  5. 08:14

    SNHU in the High School

    by SNHU On Campus

    2 Videos

    Brad Morse and Cynthia Freyberger share their thoughts on the benefits of the SNHU in the High School dual enrollment program. To learn more visit: www.snhu.edu/2985.asp

  6. 00:57

    SNHU Public Safety Videos

    by SNHU On Campus

    2 Videos

    At Southern New Hampshire University we take safety seriously. Play it Safe for Penmen's Sake!

  7. 10:28

    SNHU Student Veteran Profiles

    by SNHU On Campus

    6 Videos

    We sat down with several of SNHU's student Veterans to discuss their experiences both in the military and in the classroom. To learn more visit: http://www.snhu.edu/military

  8. 20:56

    SNHU – The Campus Experience

    by SNHU On Campus

    9 Videos

    A brief glimpse into the world of Southern New Hampshire University's main campus in Manchester, NH. We hope that you can come visit us soon. http://bit.ly/VisitSNHUSoon

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