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Social Media Manager/Strategist: SoCal Media Surfer is a Client Based Business doing Social Media for Individuals, Small & Medium Companies. I handle Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySPace, Google, and other Social Media Outlets. A Writer & Designer; I write Ad Copy/Web Content; Articles, Blogs, Newsletters & Reviews.

Writer/Designer; Blogger; Poet; Educator; Mom, all descriptions, but I am JUST ME & Unique!

My Company is SoCal Media Surfer & I am going for the Gold! I want to be successful and create something that will outlast me. My kids are already part of that, now on to Conquering the Rest of the World!

MIND YOUR HELM! Be In Charge of Your Own Life, Be at the Wheel of Your Career! My New Motto of Life - My Life!


  1. 33U Productions, LLC
  2. Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  3. XOXO Wedding Studio

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