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STHS is a road-movie, a warm comedy about Gavin, a hard-shelled Glaswegian illustrator, struggling to make it big in London. When he finally runs out of money Gavin makes the rash decision to drive back home in his decrepit open-top Triumph Herald to his father's 60th birthday, hoping for a bail-out. Just out of London he picks up a hitchhiker, Yvonne, another Scot returning home. Gavin's tight timetable unravels when the car breaks down and his polite, almost formal relationship with Yvonne becomes explosive. It infuriates him that she takes everything in her stride and accepts at face value the benign but increasingly bizarre folk who try to help them on their way. But her relentlessly positive attitude starts to wear him down and he makes it back to the party, on time, just, in the Herald and with a new, true love in his life.

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