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  1. MoGraph Inspirational Work

    by Glenn Hernandez joined

    470 Videos / 217 Members

    Only add the best, only what makes you say Wow! How Did They Do That! DO NOT ADD YOUR OWN STUFF, UnLESS it fits the criteria, please. These videos should inspire us to be better animators and designers.…

  2. Video Copilot Students

    by Jim Walker joined

    300 Videos / 288 Members

    If you have skills you learned from Andrew Kramer, post them here. Andrew Kramer is an inspiration to all of us and hopefully this will be a tribute to his teachings. If you have those familiar…

  3. Element 3D

    by The Play Studio joined

    72 Videos / 60 Members

    Videos created using Video Copilot's plug-in Element 3D for After Effects.

  4. Element 3D - The Evolution

    by Roderick Peterson joined

    554 Videos / 305 Members

    Video Copilot has created an(other) awesome tool called Element 3D. This is the place to share your creations made using Element 3D, and get creative inspiration from the creations of others! This…

  5. Official Plexus Gallery

    by Rowbyte joined

    101 Videos / 573 Members

    Interesting Pieces created using Plexus, a 3D plugin for After Effects.

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