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Video collaboration between:
Jana Hunterova, Czech Republic
Amy Bassin, USA
Frie J. Jacobs, Belgium

Artists' Bio and Statement

. We are three artists who met online and collaborate in cyberspace
. We are artists who believe collaboration helps us reach new artistic heights

Our Process and Thinking

We communicate via email, Facebook, SmugMug and YouSendIt. We upload photos, videos and digital art. We create new work by downloading one another's work, adding/subtracting/altering/brainstorming/conversing and debating.

While we each maintain our own artistic practice, the sole artist in our respective studios, we are also part of a cyber clan, a larger network, inspiring each of us. While we know collaboration is not new, what makes us unique is we are collaborating in cyberspace, while physically are internationally dispersed.

Together, we exhibited our individual and collaborative works at “The Biennial Project” at the 54th Venice Biennial, and “Difference?/Similarities!" at De Bijl Cultuurhuis, Beligum. Individually, on both national and international levels, we have exhibited in galleries, non-profit cultural centers and museums.

Video Collaboration by Jana Hunterova, Amy Bassin, Frie J. Jacobs

Somnambulist Soaring
....feelings, a dreamless, subconscious, unconscious state.

"Somnambulist" -noun ..sleepwalking
"Soaring" -verb rise or aspire to a higher or more exalted level: His hopes soared.

Inspired by Philip Guston's observation: “nothing is stable, all is shifting, changing," our work explores the mysterious, fragile, unstable states of being that we occupy each day of our brief, ever-changing lives.

Emotionally expressive, Somnambulist Soaring is a journey through both rural and urban environments. The alchemical mixing of abstraction with the representational; video with animation and photography all challenge our visual perceptions. Blurring boundaries between reality and memory our videos are paintings in light and sound.


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