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I like the medium of film.

I have an MA in Visual Anthropology (Ethnographic Documentary with Sensory Media), from the University of Manchester. Most of the films presented here are ones I have made just for fun, and only two are truly ethnographic in their content.


  1. jakobwallin
  2. Made by Hand
  3. Revolting Productions
  4. Gussy Sakula-Barry
  5. Audun Bratlie
  6. celia turley
  7. AllRitesReversed
  8. Kinfolk (
  9. dymaxiontom
  10. My New Roots
  11. tiger in a jar
  12. Lorenzo Ferrarini
  13. ben cheetham
  14. FoodCycle
  15. thinkpublic
  16. You and I Films
  17. Barbara Nickl
  18. Juan Felipe Cortés

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