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Sonja (De Nada) with residence in Dubrovnik,Croatia.
Sonja was born in 1983,in very early years of life she found passion in electronic music.
But yery soon she showing big interest for Underground music,
and learning new style like techno,dark and minimal 1996,1997.
Underground music ( techno,dark,minimal ) for Sonju was music with,
tend to express common ideals,
such as high regard for sincerity and intimacy,
freedom of creative expression as opposed to the highly formulaic composition.
Sonja is based today on underground,dark,minimal,techno, music.
She is memeber of underground/electronic music scene in Croatia.
Sonja started DJing and Producing in 2008,2009.
Influence by:hristian Varela,Carl Cox,Dave the Drummer,and many more.
Music is our guide. In its pulsating midst, we free our bodies of all worries and dance until the end of time.

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